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  • : À travers une poésie lyrique et engagée, il me semble urgent de témoigner de l'importance d'une parole profonde, vive et dense incarnée dans la vie de tous les jours en accord avec nos actes, afin de pallier l'absence à vivre de trop d'humains se satisfaisant de vivre tels des fantômes dans cette vie...Témoigner à partir de l'amour, de la mémoire, de l'innocence à vivre, au nom des peuples humains et animaux disparus et actuellement vivants, en peine d'harmonie.
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15 août 2022 1 15 /08 /août /2022 17:04

I always had to desert
Refuse this social mimicry
Making everyone a good citizen
In family, at work, in love
On this last point the Other should not 
Be a continent to conquer
To satisfy a power
Of totally ridiculous seduction
When we know the number of people
That part ways, breaking the mystery
To live, the strange call of an encounter
When we're so alike
In our everyday attitudes
Through what escapes us
At every moment, what we do not control
These chasms of acts between acts
So many imponderables sometimes imprinted
Of grace when a woman crosses and uncrosses
Her legs, spreading forests
As the rivers of her arms woo
fields of azure
Yes freedom is choosing to go
Contrary to human uses
sacrificing innocence on the altar
Breaking up the world
Deprived of unanimous attention
Precipitated into climate chaos
Injustice, war, destruction
of the living
The majority of humans arrogating
Rights over the other ( their offspring )
Every creature, all Nature
Down with the predation towards my sisters
And brothers, let them walk, fly, swim
Humanity has betrayed the sacred dimension
Of life, of water, of earth, of love
All life is my child, my family ! 

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